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December 11, 2012


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Many tales have been told of our Ancestory, but only a few know the truth of where the clans all came from. It has been nearly 50,000 years since the start of our story and yet It has only just begun.

You must have heard of the 4 great clans, Thunder, River, Shadow, and Wind, and of their brave start of Lion and Tiger. And you surely have heard of the fierce Rogues of Bloodclan who fought for their title to be feared by the great clans.

Well forget it, yes, you heard me correctly, forget it.
Because those don't even matter. :)

the clans of the Forbidden land have no history connected to these clans or rogues for they aren't even of the same blood. The 4 clans of this land were raised from a totally different Ancestory so forget about the original clans, this is on a whole 'nother level.

Back around 40,000 years ago ruled Lionclan and Tigerclan, the great ancestors of Thunder, River, Shadow, and Wind. These cats were fierce, powerful, and brave fighters, though their skills and knowledge were great they still lacked the ability to fully work with their Ancestors, Starclan. They could only speak with them from a Moonstone or Moonpool or haft to wait for a Omen or Prophecy to come to give them the Wisdom they searched for. The 4 clans continued this practice but never made farther than that.
Soon resulting in the Darkforest easily taking young cats from every clan to turn against their own clanmates, their own kin!

Though Starclan won in the final battle, the clans still lost in some way. Many generations passed after Firestar had died and moved to Starclan, many generations AFTER bramblestar as well died and the new leader came. The clans soon fell to ruins for the world around them died, prey vanished, streams shrivled, and even when they ventured out to find new resorces they just couldn't survive. Soon the numbers of every clan began to fall to where only a few members could live, sometimes the clans wouldn't even have a medicinecat or deputy anymore because the numbers shrank so much. They soon ceased and passed on, not wanting to bretray their Ancestors and take on a Kittypet life. Tho even for kittypets, rogues, and loners alike had no less of a challange, rogue packs stopped forming because of the loss of ability for cats to live wild lives and only the life of a Kittypet could save them from dieing off.

Now what was going on to have caused this? a disease? a weather change? had Starclan forsaken them?
No of course not, it's just conditions of a cat's life became to extream to where they couldn't adapt to their new surroundings. Thus leading to their slow destruction.

But did this mean all was lost? Of course not!

Somewhere far off from the clan's-once territories, many moons travels away, was a land rich in rescorces. And there lived Wild cats who had the ability to adapt to almost any condition, these cats had never seen Humans, Kittypets, Rogues, nor loners, let alone hear of them, these cats weren't related close or distant in bloodline, they were of a totally different Ancestory. These cats were special and able to survive in extream conditions, and because of this, cats lived as long as humans. But these cats weren't really cats if you take a close look at them, they had strong connections to their ancestors and abilities beyond a normal cat and human. They had powers to help keep each other safe, alive, and live long lives to teach their decendants of their history. These cats were the founders of the tribes of the land we live in now. For 8,000 years these cats continued to grow in numbers until they had so many cats they couldn't lead all or contain them in their land anymore for it was far to small, so they left the land and found our land, tho it was, back then, larger and more rich in rescorces. These cats broke up into 6 Tribes, The tribe of Flooding Streams, The tribe of Mystic Caverns, The tribe of Blazing Souls, The tribe of Howling Moons, and The tribe of Roaring Dragons. Now you must be wondering, "Wait!, that's only 5!" well hold your horses!

The 6th and final tribe was their ancestors, the spirits of creatures who started these races of cats. Like I said earlier, these weren't normal cats, they didn't come from cats which explains how they aren't related to Bloodclan, Thunderclan, Riverclan, Shadowclan, and Windclan. They came from spirits who once lived and ruled over lands promising to protect others. These spirits were of 5 different kinds, Wolves, Dolphins, Dragons, Lions, and Bears. Each spirit made a group of cats who was closest related to them, founding each tribe and giving their names, purpose, special talents, and diet. Floodstreams's spirit was Dolphins, which provided them the great swimming and underwater hunting ability, this enabled them to be great in fighting underwater and being able to hunt down large animals like sharks. Mystic Caverns's spirit was Bears, they had great cave fighting abilities, wisdom, power, and their clanmates were usually very large and strong. Blazing souls's spirit was the Lion, a fierce and powerful ability was given to these cats, they would usually have a strong, tall, and powerful leader, they also had the ability to run fast and hunt well, providing greatly for their tribe. Howling Moons was of the Wolves, they had the greatest loyalty and kindness out of them  all, for they were generous and provided for those who could not provide for themselves. these cats were usually night hunters and hunted in large numbers like a pack of wolves, sometimes savage but usually only in battle, these cats were organized. And finally, Roaring Dragons, this tribe had the most powerful of all the Ancestors, the Dragon, this spirit enabled the cats of Roaring Dragons to be cave livers and have the ability to fight well underground and in pure darkness for they had great senses and didn't need sight to fight. They were usually small cats who could fit in small places but often big, size wasn't a great trait but still they carried more important things in their bloodline. These cats and the strongest connection to the Ancestors for an odd reason, and every healer they've had has always had a gift for speaking to the ancestors.

These cats reined for 32,000 years and then fell into greed, and selfishness, which ruined their connections to their ancestors. The ancestors disliked how the tribes fell so easily and agreed to let the remaining and final pure tribe take over, so the current leader of Roaring Dragons, DragonStones [Aka Shadow of the Dragon], cursed the land and cursed it's people causing all who died, inside and outside the land to disapear from existance, they would not make it to starclan or the darkforest for they would just cease to exist from the world. This also ened the lives of the existing living who were related to the ancestors so those cats just... disappeared as if they had naturally died. Sadly for Dragonstones, he ruined his life as well and ended up with the same fate, but the Ancestors spared Dragonstones and Roaring dragon's Healer apprentice, Silvermouth and left them to rebuild the new starclan for when the curse lifted and cat's souls would actually go somewhere isntead of being destroyed.

The land was quickly overtaken by quick-growing overgrowth which destroyed all resorces, even destroying the air it's self, so any living thing that came to this land would die within a day if not instantly. After 3,000 years had passed, the overgrowth died and the land returned to normal, but the once large vast oceans and great forest and mystical caves had been cruched and ruined, only leaving behind the remains of the towering mountains of Mystic caverns, only a fraction of Howling Moon's once beloved vast forests, and even the caves and land of roaring dragons. Everything nearly gone, and the land had become much less than half the size of it's original size.

Nearly a year passed and a young deputy made her way to this land and found where her real destiny was to unfold. She returned back to her thought-to-be homeland and brought lost descendants of the tribes in the form of small clans which formed our clans of today.

Everycat in the clans of today is related to the Ancestors in one way or another.
No cat is related to thunderclan, riverclan, windclan, or shadowclan. Not even rogues or loners exist in this world.

No cat has seen or heard of humans, cars, roads, kittypets, loners, rogues, or any termology found in the original warriorbook series.

This group is BASED off the Warriorcat story but even so that does not mean those clans or cats are in this group.

Please try and understand this it's a pain when people use those cats in their rp oc's bloodline.

Not even Icelegs has her original ancestory for this group.

Take this seriously and read the whole thing, this is important to understand if you are roleplaying in this group. If your character has parents who are from the Warriorcats series PLEASE REMOVE THOSE PARENTS, BROTHERS, SISTERS, AUNTS, UNCLES, GRANDPARENTS, AND FURTHER MORE. IT'S ANNOYING TO SEE YOU GUYS USING THOSE CHARACTERS IN THE GROUP WHEN THEY'RE NOT EVEN ALLOWED!

Do you see any based warriorcats rp group using the original charcters for their group?
don't answer that.

cuz of course you don't, that'd be against the originality of the rp.


Oh and this contains some spoilers to lasthope and some random made up facts for the sake of the plot. (about the original 4clans and all)

don't judge meh
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